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Trout Country Fishing Guides was established in Whistler, BC in 1997 by passionate anglers Geoff and Tassila Gerhart. This passion has been shared and passed on to the proud new owners Logan Wilkins and Cortney Brown. Logan brings over fifteen years of extensive guiding experience and a passion for teaching. Cortney is a passionate angler and budding guide, she brings her fresh energy and solid administrative skills to the table. They are looking forward to ensuring you have the most memorable experience possible while you fish and explore the area. All our guides share the same passion and commitment to provide you with exceptional service that travelers from around the world have come to expect. When you choose Trout Country Fishing Guides you are in good hands.

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It is our mission to be the trusted experts for fishing in the sea to sky corridor. Driven by a passion for exploration and adventure we aim to inspire, educate and deliver unforgettable fishing adventures for guests of all levels.
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Explore the passionate anglers behind the rods. All of our guides are top notch anglers. Here to teach you productive fly presentations, proper fish handling techniques and how to effectively read water so that you can catch more fish and enjoy the beautiful BC wilderness. Every guide has a story, learn how their passion to pursue chrome molded their lifestyles...

LOGAN WILKINS was born and raised on the West coast of British Columbia and fell in love with fishing at an early age. During his late teens he picked up his first fly rod and taught himself how to cast.

Over twenty years later, Logan has fifeteen plus years of guiding experience under his belt and a depth of knowledge in a wide variety of fishing scenarios. A passionate Steelheader and saltwater enthusiast Logan has fished for Steelhead in a variety of locations including the Skeena and its tributaries in the north, to the Klamath and Trinity River systems in California. His desire to continue learning and exploring has seen him spend the last five summers guiding on the North Coast of British Columbia perfecting his salmon trolling techniques as well as exploring the many fly fishing opportunities (freshwater and tidal) the Pacific North Coast has to offer.

Logan has extensive experience in exploring remote wilderness rivers and a desire to provide exceptional customer service. His teaching style is dominated by a patient, simple approach that is focused on helping people make the most of their time with him. Logan can’t wait to get out on the water and share his passion and knowledge with you.

CORTNEY BROWN was introduced to trout fishing at an early age on summer camping trips to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her mother spent a lot of time in Alaska fishing for salmon and halibut with family and friends and as she got older, Cortney was inspired by her mother’s stories of the natural beauty and wildlife found in the Pacific Northwest.

Five years ago, after a whirlwind snowboarding trip to Whistler, BC, she fell in love with the Sea to Sky area and her fate was decided. As a great lover of the ocean and all of its critters it was only natural for Cortney to start exploring the beautiful BC lakes and rivers. Fly fishing has taken her on some incredible adventures and provided endless inspiration for photography.

Cortney currently lives in Squamish, BC, and spends every chance she gets on the river dodging bald eagles and evading apex predators in search of wild trout and steelhead.

Cortney is privileged to be managing all aspects of Trout Country and working as guide in the summer. She looks forward to many more adventures, big fish and the peace and clarity of mind that the river brings.

GEOFF GERHART I started fishing as soon as I was out of diapers; first fish caught was on Knuff Lake 3 lbs, at the age of 3.5 years. Once I turned 6 years old I was fishing on my own - wild west coast rivers and east coast beaver ponds were my specialties. From then on it became my passion and livelihood.

At the age of 14 years I started guiding saltwater and continued this through my 20's guiding for various high-end saltwater lodges, such as Sonora Lodge, April Point, and Oak Bay Marine Group.

My most memorable fishing experience was learning to wade with my Dad. Lets just say he had a technique that is still admired to this day. He would often go where no man would and if they did go with him they'd be crying for their Momma!

Through his love and inspiration of freshwater fishing I learned the skill of fly fishing, met Tassila and together we started Trout Country Fishing Guides in 1997. Since then we have met and guided many wonderful people and have been able to continue our passion for fishing through our guided trips.

DAMIEN BAGNOUD is my name and I grew up in Switzerland, right in the center of the Alps. I have been fishing the alpine lakes of Switzerland since a young age with my Grandpa, "Pie" and my Brother. Every weekend we would be up at first light, searching for the biggest trout of the day. I was always fascinated by fly fishermen as they seem to have such finesse while fishing. Enough said.

In 2007 when I first moved to Canada, I bought myself a single hand fly rod and with that my fly fishing addiction began and I am now one of those fisherman I so admired. I now spend most of my free time during the winter and fall chasing Steelhead with my spey rod and spend my spring and summer between lakes and rivers, searching for spotty rainbows.

For me fishing brings a new challenge every day - it requires more than patience and brings more than joy. With every new day presenting a new situation in a new circumstance, learning daily from the fish that glide through our waters, I guarantee that with every passing moment you will become a little more hooked.

JONATHON MOON started fishing at the age of 3 with his Grandpa, Uncle Bill and Dad. Jon would set off with rod, bobber, freshly picked worms or grasshoppers in hand, and hit the nearest dock, angling for pumpkinseed, bluegill and the occasional trophy bass.

His initial start to fishing quickly grew into a healthy obsession, and throughout his teen years he would disappear for the day in search of potential fishing holes and the elusive big one.

Since 1999, he has spent much of his time fishing and guiding Whistler and Squamish waters. In the summer months, if he is not fishing, you will find him downhill mountain bike racing, playing baseball or golfing. During the winter season he works as a steeps skiing coach on Whistler Blackcomb mountain.

When he isn’t guiding locally he takes time to explore other fishing opportunities like flats fishing in Mexico, camping on many of BC's beautiful rivers and lakes, catching a bass on the fly, or jet boat battling the mighty sturgeon of the Fraser River.

His fondest memories over the years have provided him with a lasting foundation to enjoy every day on the water. Whether the fish are biting or not, Jon uses every experience as a chance to further expand his knowledge of this wonderful sport, from both the technical and intuitive side that is learned through careful observation of nature and its many complexities.

OLIVER NIXON has been an avid fisherman for over 30 years. It all started with a bamboo cane, bobber and worm at my local North London lake catching roach and perch Inspired by Isaac Walton and Mr. Crabtree! If I wasn't already a fishing fanatic when I caught a 2lb perch on the River Thames that sealed it! I started fly fishing when living in the French Alps 10 years ago and I love sharing this passion for fishing and the outdoors with others and have proudly worked for Trout Country Fishing Guides for 9 years.