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Fishing Guide - Geoff Gerhart

I started fishing as soon as I was out of diapers; first fish caught was on Knuff Lake 3 lbs, at the age of 3.5 years. Once I turned 6 years old I was fishing on my own - wild west coast rivers and east coast beaver ponds were my specialties. From then on it became my passion and livelihood. At the age of 14 years I started guiding saltwater and continued this through my 20's guiding for various high-end saltwater lodges, such as Sonora Lodge, April Point, and Oak Bay Marine Group.

My most memorable fishing experience was learning to wade with my Dad. Lets just say he had a technique that is still admired to this day. He would often go where no man would and if they did go with him they'd be crying for their Momma!

Through his love and inspiration of freshwater fishing I learned the skill of fly fishing, met Tassila and together we started Trout Country Fishing Guides in 1997. Since then we have met and guided many wonderful people and have been able to continue our passion for fishing through our guided trips.

Geoff young

Geoff during an early fishing trip

Geoff fishing guide

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